Please click on any of the following links below to see how these personalize-able video formatted animated slides can work for your preaching or Bible message dispersing.

Once downloaded, they are easily editable to suit the day’s message.

Each Bible Book has a unique template that your congregation or audience can adapt to.

Video formats are also available for viewing on our YouTube page. Please click here to sample on YouTube.

Use these tools for :

  • Message retention

  • General Bible verses awareness

  • Easy reference library

  • Constant communication with congregation

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3rd John

3 John



2nd Timothy

2 Timothy



2nd Samuel

2 Samuel



1st Chronicles

1 Chronicles


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All 66 fully prepared animated templates designated for each of the 66 available Bible books (Old and New Testaments) available for download for free at the following links:


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Download all 70 Preacherman’s Template files for preaching free:

1, 2, 3, 4


Complete download and use instructions

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  • Simply click on each of the links below to download the set of files
  • Please note that the files are merely downloadable and preview-able from the given source
  • To actually see the animation as it works, you need to download files offline then personalize to suite your needs in Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 /2013 upwards will give the best results but all versions will work save for effects limitations
  • To see how files will ultimately play after personalization, please refer to our YouTube video channel   for previews.
  • We will mail  a set of 2 DVDs for free to those who make a donation. (remember you can download and use for free
  • We will also give any after download support or requests for personalization to those that support us with a donation.


New Testament download link


Old Testament download link (1st set)


Old Testament download link (2nd set)


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