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Preacherman’s Template for Bible Keywords




The Preacherman’s Templates for Bible Keywords is a set of demonstrative templates designed in Powerpoint to aid every Pastor, Preacher, Evangelist or other Bible centered communicatorsi in explaining and disseminating contents of the Bible in line with specific themes.

The Christian Bible contains a range of themes such as Love, Forgiveness, Holy Spirit, Temptation, Creation, Blessings, and so many more. In general a biblical message  intended for sharing could be based on life and death, the present and the future, salvation, the purpose of time and space, and many more. From these emanate other messages and themes in the Bible.

Bible messages contain several stories that are meant to inspire and challenge its readers, some of which are so cross-cutting that they get used recurrently in the explanation of even other messages. These messages  include Key Events, Key Characters, and Key Themes.

How are the templates designed?

This concept is designed to be replaced with information such as the theme, Book of the Bible in which it can be found, specific verse(s) involved and an extracion of at least 6 keywords used in explaining the theme.

How can it be used?

In preparation for message dissemination, this pre-designed template can be modified in line with the theme on mind. The textholders will simply be used to replace the message intended, source from the Bible, and a list of keywords that best suit the intended audience for a given purpose. There are 6 pre-designed keyword slides which automatically link fom the main slide. For instance, if your proposed thematic preaching for the day is about Wisdom, you would have identified  a location from the Bible in line with this theme. You will then identify keywords from the theme (up to 6 keywords)  that will best help in communicating the thematic messsage.. Once your Home file and the respective keyword files have been updated, a complete thematic message is ready for distribution.  Bear in mind that each keyword tab will (on mouse hover) take the reader straight to the segment in the Bible where the keyword appears, based on your Bible version preference.

See below a graphic demonstration of the process.


Go into the Bible and discover a specific theme e.g. ‘Creation’


Step 1


Now that you have identified a theme, open your Preacherman’s keyword from your downloaded  themes template folder. There are 7 slides in the folder’s Presentation file. Click on the main file titled ‘Home’

Step 2

Replace te default theme in the textholder with the theme you have in mind.


Step 3


Replace each one of these keywords with keywords from your theme, the most relevant to the message on mind.

Step 4


Step 5



Step 6

Please note that after editing the Bible book, Theme, and keywords segments, you can copy and paste the Bible verse itself onto the green area. (Please move the rounded rectangle in red to the specific location of your new keyword). This serves as an emphasis only.

6th click

Step 7

Save all and get ready to demonstrate, share, email or embed unto your church website or for use as personal Bible theme collection file.


Additional information:

  • Files may be saved as zip files to make lighter and easier

  • Works best on PowerPoint 2010 above

  • Download files offline first before editing for full Presentation animation functionality.


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Please download the files here for your use here:

Kindest regards


Eric Douglas – Onwuka

(Founding Member)



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