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eric9The concept of Bibleglifiks is coined from the words ‘Bible’ and ‘hieroglyphics’. Hieroglyphics were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements. The idea here is to combine a range of media in explaining messages in the Holy Bible; in a less formal fashion. This way, there is an anticipation that viewers, listeners and readers, will grasp the word more willingly, less rigidly and more prayerfully.

churchMultitudes of Christians attend services without actually getting the message in the preachings, singing or through acts of love from their brethren. Others grasp the message but just can’t connect and use it when it is really needed.. Indeed no amount of The Word is ever too much for anyone. This is not a pastoral or theological mission per se. It’s simple a content knowledge drive for the Bible. Explanation or amplification is not done here.

Christians sometime, somehow feel touched in ways during this sojourn. For us here, we are challenged to share the dynamic content of the Christian Bible in yet other ways; ways that could satisfy, cure the thirst, feed the spirit, ignite the power, resuscitate the hope and assure the love. Our approach incorporates diversified use of multimedia, multicultural sensitivity and fictitious characters that can help you relate more to certain messages and themes from the Bible. Let’s  feed them the word in style! We humbly invite you to participate!.

Eric Douglas-Onwuka-Founder, Bibleglifiks…May 2016
Romans 10:14 Good News Translation (GNT) But how can they call to him for help if they have not believed? And how can they believe if they have not heard the message? And how can they hear if the message is not proclaimed?
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